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beautiful everett guitar

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Tone Description

You Tube - Everett describes his tone.

The Current State of Guitar Building - interview by Robbie OBrien

"I love my guitar!" - by Nashville singer/song writer Shantell Ogden

Tone Samples

Most Recent You Tube Clip - Steve DeVries

You Tube - Clip 1 - Elan Steve DeVries

You Tube - Clip 2 - Metrocaster Steve DeVries



578 info clip

578 audio sample


593 info clip


601 info clip

601 audio clip


604 info clip

604 audio sample


612 info clip
612 - Audio Clip by Shantell Ogden


Misc Samples

You Tube - Laurel Don Conoscenti

You Tube - Elan Bebo Norman

You Tube - Catalina - Bob Glisson (Wichita Lineman)

You Tube 1991 Indigo Girls (Amy's - Everett Guitar)

You Tube Shantell Ogden

Bill Pillmore - Celona 2003 - Photos and original music

Dave Goldwag - 2010 Alienzo


More samples

Everett Listening Samples at Acoustic Pro Musician
Thanks to Steve DeVries & Danny Brevard

And even more ...
are available at the Everett Guitars Facebook Page.


beautiful everett guitar

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