The Everett Wood Shed

Please keep in mind these are rough cut, un-sanded pieces.
If you like how they look here, just wait!
The "upgrade" cost is more reasonalbe than you would expect - cost nothing to ask.

Happy to custom order your wood - email for details.





11 Select Indian rw
a beautiful strippy set

This is a pretty rare piece of wood. Lots of color and the stability and tone on Indian...
email for Sofia upgrade cost

15 Select Indian rw

Wow! Almost looks like Brazilian.


16 Select Indian rw
Another unusually colorful piece .


17 Select Indian rw
Another unusually colorful piece .

18 Select Indian rw

Here are some beautiful choices for your order

Those of you familiar with the availability and prices of Brazlian Rosewood
will appreciate the selection and reasonable upgrade prices found here.





20 Ribbon Mahogany
This will make a beautiful blonde
light weight guitar.

21 * Figured Mahogany
Beautiful piece !!!

25 * Figured Zircote








32 * Brazilian Select

32 Brazilian rw


33 Alienzo Only
Brazilian Select
Holy Macaronie - look at that color!



36 Alienzo Only


37 * Brazilian rw
I really like the color change in this piece.
Nice little red part in the center.

1 * Austrailian Blackwood
High Figure!




Those of you familiar with the cost of rare woods (espcially Brazlian)
will appreciate the value found with your Everett order.




38 Alienzo Only - on hold
(email for upgrade cost)
Brazilian Select
Again with the killer color and grain change.


39 * Brazilian Select
Orange and even grained. Rare stuff.

42 Alienzo Only
Brazilian Select
Beautiufl classic Brazilian.



All the above Brazilian is old old stuff. Milled in the 1960s. Some of the sets have tiny worm holes (filled of course before becoming your guitar).




Don't see what you are looking for? Just let me know. I have many sources developed over the years and will be happy to find the perfect piece for
your custom order.

* - modest upgrade cost (n/c for Alienzo)


AAA Sitka (various ages and styles), AAA Western Red Cedar (various stiffness), and AAA Engleman
All kept in stock and a large variety in order to select the right piece for your guitar.

Also available by special order German Spruce, Italian Spruce or Adirondack Red Spruce.
~ I have great connections earned over the years for all of these woods. ~

I also an happy to search for a specific piece that you might want.