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3 DVDs

transitional arm bevel dvd

Bevel DVD - You Tube Clip

adjusting a steel string guitar with Kent Everett

Guitar Set-Up DVD - You Tube Clip

voicing a steel string guitar with kent everett

Guitar Voicing DVD- You Tube Clip

Super Voicing Special
I found a box of these left over from a trade show.
While supplies last - only $45 (includes s & h - in the 48).
E-mail me direct for this deal.


DVD sales are available from the Apprentice Publishing site.

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3 Books

1) Building Guitar Number 500

building guitar number 500 by kent everett
"What do azaleas, dogs, and Brazilian rosewood all have in common?
You will enjoy reading this account of how one of the premier guitar
builders in the United States brings them all together to form one incredible guitar ..."

A fun 40 page photo journal.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

$18.40 for a nice little high gloss 'coffee table' style book
or an e-book for only
$6.25 to download it and enjoy it on your PC.

"I liked seeing the thought and energy that goes into building a custom guitar like this.
Wow. I really enjoyed it."

"You da bomb dude. That was a cool ride."

"I appreciated how you gave credit to where the ideas came from. But really there is a whole
lot of Everett going on there. Good job. Thanks for taking the time top put it together."



2) How to Make a Living Doing Something Crazy

how to make a living doing something crazy like building guitars by kent everett

Taken from Everett's popular 2007 Healdsburg Guitar Festival lecture.

"This little book should be read by millions of young people hoping to start out
in the world as artist of various kinds. "

Tim Olsen - Founding Editor - Guild of American Luthiers

Only $9.75
($491.25 less than a flight to California.)

3) The Qualities of Craftsmanship

the qualities of craftsmanship

I have just completed these 99 pages of rumination from behind the bandsaw.
This book started as a guide to help my students and grew into a philosophical
craftsmanship guide for improving your work.

"I have read it 3 times and each time I get something else out of it. Now I am quoting it...
Just fantastic. It is even a little funny. Thanks for taking the time to show us the inner
workings (your mind) of your guitar building. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"

Yep - it's a deal!


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I just finished reading your book during my lunch break. Quite the philosopher you are.
Even an old walrus like me got a lot out of it, and I am going to make sure my son reads it too.

I appreciate your work and effort to better the community for those of us who are constantly looking for the next thing to read
and study. Loved and couldn't put it down. I can't imagine how difficult it was for you guys in the early days before the
information explosion era that we are now enjoying.
So thanks!

I was there at your speach and wanted to get this copy for a review.
Man , I am glad I did. Thanks so much.

Hey Carlos, I read your book "How To Make A Living Doing Something Crazy" this evening. I wanted to say thank you for making this information public. I find myself in the battle between reality and desire some days. You said so many things that I have felt, but did not know how to put them in words. You have been a great influence in my guitar building ...... I want to express my appreciation.
Thanks for being a mentor.


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