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Everett Guitars are now only available workshop direct.

It all starts by sending an email.

For photos of Everett Guitars in process please visit our Facebook Page -

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__________________Below are video clips and photos of recent Everett custom orders.__________________
This is a new idea, so more clips coming this year.

Here is a compliation of the video clips showing 8 months in less than 2 minutes.

Vincent's Guitar

The Completed Guitar
everett custom guitar

everett peghead with inlay
everett custom soundhole

detail of everett guitar

detail of everett guitar


detail of endpin

customized label inside everett guitar


custom everett guitarcustom everett guitar


Here is a compliation of the video clips showing Shantell's Guitar - 6 months in 2.5 minutes.

The Completed Guitar

beautiful everett guitar
detail of custom everett guitar

detail of custom everett guitar

beautiful everett guitar





A few fun quotes :

I've had my (other guitar) for over 15 years, and over that time it has opened up very nicely. But it doesn't even hold a candle to
my brand new Everett! When I strum the (other guitar), I hear 6 notes. When I strum your guitar, it's like there's a whole choir behind every string.
I can't even begin to imagine what this guitar will sound like in 10 years.


While I was playing the guitar, I unfortunately had some stomach discomfort - it began to turn and rumble down there. I stopped playing to go
to the bathroom and realized that my stomach was fine. The rumbling was the reverberation of the guitar!

What an amazing instrument. I'm just beginning to get to know it, and I'm excited about the journey ahead!


Well, as usual, my new Everett completely blew my clothes off! Here I sit in my shop, completely neckid
and panting like a 2 year old dog in a room full of hot female dogs ...


"I'm convinced that there are more luthiers out there today than
ever before. But to put out a great guitar
you have to have more than a
workshop and power tools. None of the many luthiers with
whom I have had some sort of contact make a guitar that plays as well as yours,
nor do they seem to have the deep respect for "art" which is evident in your work.
If I pick up a classical either the bass is too bassy or
the trebles don't ring. I've yet to hear a steel string that rings like
my Everett. Last night, after playing about an hour on my
nylon Everett I walked it from the bedroom to the den. It rang all
the way, and that's a nylon string guitar!! Sometimes when I open the case on the steel string
I expect to hear it still resonating the last
note I played before I put it away."


Everett Customer Page

And have a look at the shop tour for a photo journal of a custom guitar build.


& More Purchase Info

Everett Guitars is happy to accept Visa and Mastercard via PayPal.
~ or ~
Free Shipping is offered for those, in the 48, who prefer to send check or wire the funds to our account ...
whichever is best for you.



Every shipped guitar comes with a 48 hour trial period.
If you decide this is not the guitar for you, simply return it.
I will be happy to refund your money.

Happy Customers is what keeps me in business. (over 35 years)
Everett Customers refer their friends.

* Be sure to be especially careful with the guitar during your trial period, so
that I do not have to charge you for restocking repair.

You are responsible for my guitar from the time it leaves my shop until the time it returns.

Customers pay all shipping except where noted.


beautiful everett guitar

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