Parts for Sale

After so many decades in the workshop, you can imagine the
amount of left over parts not being put to use.
So here are some new or nearly new pieces looking for a new home.

More coming.

Email to purchase or with any questions.

"Shipping Included" means within the US 48.
Sorry no international shipping.


Violin style fingerboard clamps.


Gretsch Syncromatic Tailpiece - new
"Gretsch" engraved on hing top.

Grover Imperial buttons - Pearloid

$18 includes shipping

George Benson - Ibanez tailpiece.
Very rare and hard to find!

Has ebony inserts. Was on one of my archtops, in good conditon but tarnished from sitting in a box for a couple of decades.

It might clean up nicely or might need replating.

When you can find a used one, they cost ~ $200.



3+3 tuners

Gold Grovers
Chrome - no name - probably Ping.

Both sets $35 shipping included.

HipShot Drop D tuner .
The lever drops the low E to a D.
Grovers. Just replace this tuner with the low E tuner
on a Grover set.
A cool and unique feature.

I have the black ones for sale.
The chrome photo is simply so you can see it better.
New - they cost $100 each.

Only 1 left.

$28 each includes shipping

Schaller classical set - formerly on one of my classicals. Nearly new condtion.


3 Ebony pyramid bridges
spacing 2.25, 2.25 and 2 5/16"

$18 each - includes shipping


Diefenbacker small curverd bottom planes.
3 different curves.
New in box, not even sharpened yet.

$30 each - $80 for the set.
Includes shipping

New in box.
Google these to explain this product.


All Indian Rosewood.

3 Guitar 25.4" scale = $20 each
includes shipping

John Pearse Arm Rest
New in box

$35 includes shipping

11 Indian rosewood bridges
Martin style
2 3/16" pin spacing.

3 for $60

All 11 = $120 includes shipping

Nomex - this is the stuff used to make sandwich topped guitars. Enough for 1 top.



Jumbo Fret Wire
(Bass Guitar Wire)
Dunlop 6110 ~ 1.5 lbs
~ 15 instruments
Google "Dunlop 6110 fret wire" for specs.

$110 includes shipping


More parts coming soon.

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