Here is the old shop from 1990 - 2001.
(sorry - photos do not get larger)

painting of shop 
milling bracing
tops and backs
 bending sides

Painting of Shop
by Rachel J. Everett

Milling Bracing
Tops & Backs
Bending Sides
side assemblies 
back ready
making rosettes
bracing top
Side Assemblies  
Back Ready
Making Rosettes
Bracing Top
top ready 
koa binding
gluing binding
detail sanding
Top Ready  
Koa Binding
Gluing Binding

Always Lots of Detail

3 bodies  selecting neck stock  gluing fingerboards
3 Bodies Ready
for Dovetails
 Selecting Neck Stock Neck Parts  Gluing Fingerboards
shaping necks completed neck body and neck for finish hold your breath
Shaping Necks  Completed Neck  

Body & Neck Ready
for Finish

 Hold Your Breath
wet sanding bodies curing attaching necks inlay
Wet Sanding  Bodies Curing  Attaching Necks  Inlay
attaching bridges attention to details final adjusting please visit the gallery
Attaching Bridges  Attention to Details 

Final Adjusting

  Another Day Done

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