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'Standard' Features

AAA Adirondack Spruce

AAA Flame European Maple

Carbon Graphite Truss Rod

Zero Fret for lowest nut height

Exotic Wood Bindings

Ebony Buttons

Carved Cutaway Bevel
top & back

Bound Ebony Fingerboard

Abalone Position Markers

Allen/Monteleon Tailpiece

Ebony Pickguard

Custom Ameritage Case

Bound fingerboard with
stepped end veneer.
w? matching peghead step


everett mandola
E 5

See better Sunburst Color photo below.
The mandos are not actually this bright.
Fresh photos coming this fall.

everett mandola
E 4

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Body Styles

E - 5
f -holes

E - 4
oval hole & soundport



Standard Dimensions

1 3/16" at Nut

13.875" Scale Fingerboard

(Body dims - bascially the same as an F model)


N/C Options


Nut Spacing

a) 1 1/8"

b) 1 3/16"


Neck Shapes

a) Traditional Loyd Loar F shape

b) A deeper comfortable neck
for larger hands.


Everett Mandola

Comparison of Mandolin and Mandola (25% larger)
Dark burst vs light burst finish.


It is easy to get on the list for one,
I can let you know when the next one becomes available.

Mandolin & Mandola Gallery

A little story about Gregg!
~ told by Darrell Jennings ~
" I met him backstage where a mutual friend was bringing some mandolins for Gregg to check out.
He'd decided he wanted one, and so we put together two choices,
a really nice vintage Gibson, and a beautiful newish mandolin made by Kent Carlos Everett.
Gregg loved the Everett and asked what it would cost. My friend said,
"Your music has meant a lot to me, it's a gift." Gregg said
"No way man, this is too nice an instrument, I need to pay you for it".
My friend asked him if he had a dollar....Gregg grinned and said,
"Yeah, I have a dollar.
... been carrying it around for years".
He pulled a silver dollar out of his pocket and handed it to my friend. Deal done.
To me it was the perfect Gregg Allman moment.
I was honored to be there to see it happen.

Customer Comments

She’s about as perfect as I could have ever hoped for. I love the tone, the resonance, the intonation, the feel. It took about an hour playing her before I didn’t want to play the “wimpy” necked mandos I already own. I can hardly wait to hear what she’ll sound like in a couple of years when she gets “seasoned”.
Thanks for your masterful work. What a beautiful instrument of music!

All I can say is this thing is a monster for open chords. The sustain is absolutely amazing
and the volume is outstanding. There is a definite mid range voice that I really like.
The D strings have a life all their own that brings the
entire instrument into a new realm. I've never been a fan of the sharp,
shrill sound of some mandolins that are all highs and no mid or bass.
You've nailed what I like to hear.

We keep looking at this mandolin and finding all the subtle and elegant
touches. We're also impressed with the 3D effect and depth of the figure in the back wood.
It seems to change from every angle. The finger board extension and the
peg head where the zebra wood is are real knockouts. We both agree that
the sunburst is right on the money. My other mandolin has the red
highlights in the 3 color burst where this one is more dark brown to
golden. It's more than I could have asked for. It's a keeper.

Thanks so much for a real gem. I appreciate your artistry and the
attention to detail, both visually and sonically. I can't express how
thrilled I am with this beautiful and unique mandolin. I may never be a
great or even good mandolinist, but I have another instrument to help me
be the best I can be.

Received the E5 mandolin. WOW. We all had the Loar thing beat into us. Roger Siminoff owns
(or has in his care) Mr. Loar's personal F5 w/ a virzi plate. This Everett sounds like it. I've never
heard any other mandolins that sounds like these two.

Well ...I have been playing my new E4 for a couple of weeks now , and
I have to say it is (by far) my favorite mandolin.
I have a --, a --, and a -- and yours blows them all out of the water.
Once word gets out about this, you are going to be swamped.
I hope that is a good thing.

Mandolin & Mandola Gallery

Mandola back - double bevel cutaway


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