So ... you want to build a guitar.
Good for you!

To get started join:

The Guild of American Luthiers
(Everett has been a member since 1978)

The Association of String Instrument Artisans
(Everett was a founding member)



A good overview of the guitar building process is a DVD called
Building a Steel String Guitar with Robbie O'Brien
Robbie is a former student and current friend. He made this slide show soon after taking my class in 2004.
This is the same dvd that comes with your LMI guitar kit.
You can find it, along with other luthiery dvds (including mine), at

Apprentice Publishing




Also The Guild has a list of guitar building schools.


A few of my favorites are :

Charles Fox

Robbie OBrien
(Robbie also offers great online instruction too.)

Bryan Galloup

Timeless Instruments


Helpful Links

Guild of American Luthiers
Join today!

Luthiers Mercantile
A great parts, kits and wood, supplier!
~ sells Everett dvds ~

Stewart McDonald
Another great supplier. Some really cool tools.
~ sells Everett dvds ~

Apprentice Publishing
~ sells Everett dvds ~

Carlton McLendon's
My hometown hero. Been buying wood from him for over 30 years.

Rescue Pearl
I always have had good luck with these folks.

Acoustic Woods Canada

Allied Lutherie
Todd has simply fantastic wood source. Been in the business for years.
A good guy.

Borson Wood Resawing Service

Buy Sandpaper

Formerly known as Red Hill . Another great sandpaper source.

Bridge City Tools
Just fantastic tools.

Colonial Tonewoods
Steve has been at it for years and supplys really nice wood.

Tools, woods, veneers, ...

Luthier Supply
Tracy makes a bunch of cool stuff - including radius disk
~ sells Everett dvds ~

Exotic Woods
Been around as long as I have.

Ameritage Cases
The Everett case of choice.

Gilmer Wood
Mils sells beautiful boards.

Michael the king of bridge pins, purfling, etc

Hibdon Hardwood

Luthier Suppliers

Micro Mart
Cool specialty tools.


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