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In the year 2000, Everett started offering a guitar that was built in concert
with the famed Terada Factory in Japan.

The Laurel Series.

Each Laurel was sent to the Everett Workshop in Atlanta where it was completed.

128 Laurels were built over a 3 year period.

The Laurel Production was completed in 2003.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Laurel on your knee,
you know what a great guitar it is.

These 8 photos represent months of work. They follow the construction of an Laurel O model.

Here we are in the Terada factory in Nagoya, Japan. This is a pile of 'O model' rosewood sides (that came from India) and mahogany cutaway sides (from Central America) ready to be contoured to receive the back and top. We only use all solid woods for my guitars. This includes Flame Maple (Oregon) body bindings and solid Sitka Spruce (Alaska) tops.   I have suffered for years developing a killer finish for the Everetts. When I saw the quality of the Terada finish, I was in awe. These guys are true craftsmen, I know! Here they are putting their attention to the detail that I require for my guitars. The Laurels have a high gloss body finish and satin finish neck.


Here she is all shiny and ready for assembly (mahogany O model cutaway). It would be impossible for me to show all the tooling the highly respected Terada workshop has. They have been building guitars for many decades and rely on craftsmanship more than computers. So do I. You end up with a guitar that breathes and sounds like a musical instrument instead of simply a product from a factory.


Here the Specialist is checking the angles of the neck before gluing the bridge. Neck pitch is important to allow the proper amount of torque on the top while giving us low action. The guitar has already been fretted at this point. I supply the factory with a unique fret wire for my guitars. It is slightly taller than the usual fretwire. This allows less work for your left hand and more time before needing a fret job.

Next the guitar is shipped to my workshop in Atlanta.


Here in Atlanta, I let the guitars recover from shipping (in climate control) for 2 weeks before voicing the tops. The guitars are built to my detailed specifications. All of the guitar: body shape, neck angle, neck shape, ... and, perhaps most important, is the top's bracing. Every Laurel is braced to my detailed bracing dimensions and placement. After building over 400 guitars by myself, I know the exact 4 spots on my bracing's design that I need to shape to bring out the instrument's voice.  

I reach in the soundhole with a series of small tools, then sandpaper, to work the bracing for the individual guitar. I work the top to a specific rebound flexibility. The other photo shows me flexing the bridge while voicing the top.

This photo is set up as a 'demo' to illustrate what goes on inside the guitar.

Sometimes it only takes about 45 minutes, sometimes hours. Whatever it takes, each guitar top is individually voiced, by me, to the particular guitar's body.


After voicing the top, I detail the guitar. This includes truing the frets, bone nut, and saddle. Then I rebuff the guitar to it's original shine, and clean the interior. I'm not putting my name on it until everything is right.

When the guitar is finally completed to my requirements, it gets the Everett label with wax seal.


Here I'm reaming out the bridge holes for the wooden bridge pins. I like to match the bridge pins to the tuner buttons: ivoroid and abalone pins with chrome buttons / ebony and abalone pins with ebony buttons / rosewood and abalone pins with 'tortoiseshell' buttons, ... And last the guitar is adjusted to the customer's playing style and string preference.

You get a lot of personal attention with an Everett Laurel.


Here are a few sample photos of completed Laurels.

Peghead - Rosewood Overlay (matches body), Ebony Tuner Buttons (matches fingerboard), Abalone Logo,
O model - Flame Maple Bindings, Heart Abalone Rosette & Inlays, Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge, ...
A model -Select Indian Rosewood, Flame Maple Bindings and Trim, Gloss Body and Satin Neck, ...
O model - detail:
D model - detail :
Peghead - detail :
A model
You can find Laurel Pricing History Information in the History Section.

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