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sunset over beach



everett guitars shop dog

Joey, shop dog, after hard day.




wood carving

Wade Lowe - self portrait




everett's wife

Happy wife; happy life.

a moment in everett guitar shop

michael hedges

The great Michael Hedges



everett playing guitar for melba
Playing a tune for Melba
when she was not feeling well.

hoots playing an everett guitar
Hoots is playing an Everett, of course.
Hoots was made by the talented Chuck Robinson (who owns 2 Everetts).




mando built for everett
My great mando built for me by Wade Lowe.



  kent carlos everett

kent everett lecturing at gal conference

Lecturing at the 2011 GAL conference.

everet twith jeff elliott
It is a shame this photos is blurry.
Everett with the great Jeff Elliott.



pretty girl with an everett

early photo of everett

Our hero, with hair, around 1984.




russell malone and steve dwiggins
Old shop photo for mid 1980s.
Russell Malone and Steve Dwiggins playing a couple of Everett jazz guitars.




everett customer gold and platinum records

Many of my customers have gold and platinum records, but only the Indigo Girls gave me a copy for helping out.

everett guitars shop

Shop bathroom door.



museum of making music

Featuring an Everett Guitars.
Everytime a museum ask for one of my guitars,
it is an honor. I see my work as art and
like to share it with everyone..





tom ribbecke

Friend Tom Ribbecke

detail of dog inlay on peghead
These days I steer away from doing inlay work, but as a dog lover how could I say "no" to Dan Lieder?
(who wanted Maggie on his peghead)





namm show

~ Year 2000 at a NAMM show.
Larrivee, Hoover (SCGG), Collings, and Taylor


everett with charles fox

With Charles Fox ~1998


I have just started this page; more photos of all the cool folks I know coming soon.


beautiful everett guitar

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