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~ to give back ~

Each year Everett Guitars enjoys giving the proceeds of an instrument
to a worthwhile cause, and you can benefit from that too.

Here is how it works.
Take 20% off the price of a custom Everett Pantera or Petite model
(built for you) , and proceeds go directly to one of the charitites listed.

You choose up to 3 charites below, you write the check to the charity,
and you get a great deal on one of the finest guitars in the country.

The 2019, 2020 , 2021, 2022 DeVolvers
'semi' custom orders are still available.


Red Cross
Choose the chapter you prefer and/or the disaster you want to aid.
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Doctors without Borders
nicknamed "Doctors without Money"
Let's help them out.
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Salvation Army
No matter what your religious affiliation, these guys help the folks in need.
Choose the chapter you want to support.
Low on overhead , big on aid.
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Team Summer
Lynne is a friend of ours and doing wonderful work for kids struggling with cancer.
Please help.
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Nature Conservancy
Something good for the earth.
Non-political, they simply buy land and preserve it for the planet.
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Email for details.


~ Everett Guitars has currently raised over $33K for charity. ~


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