Everett Concierto

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 After having built instruments in the style of Fleta, Romanillos, Ramirez, and Hauser, Everett has developed his own version of the traditional Torres fan bracing system. These guitars have a balanced presence and 'volume to spare' in all of the registers with a full rich tonal spectrum .

"My Everett blows away my other guitars, I just love it! It is rich powerful, and everytime I put it down I am anxious until I get to play it again. Thanks so much!


We are proud that
"Hearts and Hands: Makers of Musical Instruments" exhibit organized
by the Smithsonian is featuring an
Everett Concert Classical.



concert classical guitar

~ Designed and built for the concert classical guitarist. ~

Every Everett Classical is a performance level instrument.


Standard Features

everett classical guitar52 mm bone nut

650 mm Ebony fingerboard

20th fret

Spanish Cedar neck

Torres Position 5 or 7 fan bracing
(Everett's voicing)

top: German or Italian Spruce

Back and Sides: Rosewood (choices)

Everett Voiced Stepped Peghead -

everett classical guitar

Brazilian Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle

All wood bindings trimmed in beautiful veneers

Everett shellac (French polish)

Rodgers Tuners



everett classical guitarOptions

Custom nut spacing ... n/c

Custom neck shaping ...n/c

Custom bridge spacing ... n/c

Custom scale length ... n/c



* The cost of exotic woods varies almost monthly.
At times there can be a slight upcharge for a specific type of wood.

The Concierto is a loud, balanced, very responsive guitar that is built to meet the demands of the concert classical guitarist.

Your Everett Classical comes with :

Ameritage Case An excellent 'climate controlled' case


A few photos of the Everett Classical


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