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The 6 day workshop is not current being offered .


June 2014
Dave, Bob (with guitar) , & Kevin.
(Sadly I forgot to get a group shot with completed guitar.)

Student Comments

2014 students

I had a great time in the class-learned a lot about not only the how to but the why which will allow me to take what you showed me and make it my own.
With what you told us about which specialty tools are necessary and which aren't, I'm sure I'll save more money on buying the right tools and not the unnecessary ones than I spent on the class.
It was a rewarding experience on many levels and I got a new great guitar as well.

Many thanks to you, Jeannie, Joey and Zeek for your hospitality.

Carlos, thanks for sharing your years of experience, knowledge and wisdom with me. It's something I'll never forget.

March 2014
Tony, Tim, Jeff, Marty and Jeff again.
Our hero with guitar.

I also want to thank you again for the class. I got A LOT out of it, and to be honest, much more than I expected.
Not that I had low expectations, either. You kept us laughing, and the atmosphere of the class very positive and light-hearted.
I think that is important for learning. Also, the newer techniques have charged me up, and I WILL be building!


Great class!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of information you shared during our adventure last week.
I want to thank you and Jeannie for your generous hospitality sharing your home to five total strangers for the week.
I feel we met as strangers and left as friends! You totally demystified and washed away the snake oil of building guitars
in a very common sense approach. I am anxious to start my first build thanks to you!
Thanks again for all your knowledge and encouragement.


2013 class comments

Spending a week with master luthier Kent Carlos Everett has been a life altering event.
I am convinced it would be impossible for the most callous and jaded to walk away from a time such as this un-changed.

Carlos is quite clear regarding what he is all about, which is 'to promote hand made acoustic musical instruments and home made living room music'. I say, 'Balderdash'!
His true mission is to set ablazea musical experience in wood that leaves one hungering and panting for more! And more! And *he* can deliver more!

Can't wait toput my learning into practice. Your class filled in lots of gaps in my
knowledge base. "Education is a good investment,
quality education doesn't cost, it pays!"

I learned so much in the short week with you. You're gift along with other things is teaching,
whether it be an English class or guitar building. That's a high calling in my book and just want to say thanks again.

By raising the proverbial bar for what a guitar should feel and sound like,
Carlos is at once elevated into that elite class of artisans who 'walk the talk'. He is a rare breed, and I got to spend a week with him.

2012 class comments

I enjoyed the class very much and found your teaching style and class organization very effective in enabling sufficient time
to cover all processes in a short time period. Also, your relaxed style and great sense of humor made the time in
your shop fun and very enjoyable. Even though I am very new to guitar building, I found your explanations and
demonstrations clear and easy to follow.

I was surprised at how comfortable I became with the myriad of special techniques and simple jigs used to
build an extraordinary guitar in your shop. I returned to my shop with a long list of improvements that I want to make in my tools
and techniques. I am confident that my guitar building experience will now proceed at a low anxiety level through
the more difficult operations. I have also significantly raised my expectations in my ability to build
great instruments as my experience develops.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to raise their ability to move from building good guitars to great guitars.
This is an excellent way to leap frog the experience curve.
The cost of the course is definitely the best money I have spent in learning and preparing to build great guitars.
It's really pretty simple: if you want to do your best, then learn from the best.

A great side benefit of your class also is meeting such talented, interesting class mates.
Sharing a house and eating together made the experience more enjoyable.

Your class exceeded my expectations, ... and I had high expectations.

2011 class comments

Thanks Everyone!!
I wanted to let all of you know that I had a great week, far above my expectations, and really came out of the class with so much positive energy its hard to explain. Kent,
you are a great teacher and made it fun to be there ...

Having the students room together really worked great for me, being able learn from all of you as well and getting your input was very helpful. I probably couldn't
have hand picked a better bunch of roomies!

Building acoustic guitars is not easy! Kent has a way of reducing a seemingly formidable task to a simpler, more common sense process. If you are a perfectionist (like me) you may already build some very nice instruments,
but you probably sense there is a better (ie - "easier") way; there is! Kent has spent many years refining the process.
One week in this course saved me years of trial and error.

I’ve been hard at work on my next guitar utilizing all the information I gleaned from your excellent class, which, by the way, I enjoyed tremendously. My building techniques have certainly improved thanks to you,
and they will continue to do so as I implement all the new secrets I now have in my arsenal.

Thanks again for also unselfishly sharing all those little tips that make all the difference.
As you rightly state, its a study in subtleties.



2010 Student Comments

"Carlos , you are a rarely gifted teacher. Not many have the experience and ability to connect with the student.
I have made my living in education and was not only wowed by your guitar building, but also by your ability to transmit the information. Really great!"

One of the biggest things that I've noticed, since being back in my shop, is that I look at the
entire process of guitar building with a "new set of eyes".
I have become way more critical of my building and finishing since completing your class.

I really appreciated the fact that your building method is not centered around expensive jigs and high end equipment--it's about good workmanship and order of progression.
I realized right from the very beginning
that I was headed in the right direction--your shop made me feel right at home.

I feel that your presentation made all of us feel very comfortable right from the very beginning. I also feel that, with the limited size of the class, we were able to cover all of the daily activities with a full understanding--
we had time for questions and answers and personal involvement in the building of the guitar.

As far as the accommodations are concerned, I don't think that we could have found anything close to what Kent found for us--a house right on Lake Arrowhead--what a great setting.
I also feel that because we were all sharing the house that we got a lot more out of the class--at night we were able to review what we had done that day in Kent's shop as well as watch our nightly homework together
and discuss the values of it right then. I also don't think that we could have found anything close to Lake Arrowhead for what we paid for the house rental.
Kent went way out of his way to make us feel at home.

This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life--a great "working"
vacation with one of the greatest luthiers on the planet.

In taking the class a second time the thing that most impressed me was how much more
I learned this time.
Really helped fill in the blanks and will take my building to the next level!
I also appreciated you’re asking up front about areas where we needed additional
information or help…..and then dealing with them!

I took some time for myself the last few days to watch Kent Everett work magic with wood.
It’s been great to get up-close-and-personal with a master luthier as he plies his trade--
and spend time with 3 other gentlemen of varying backgrounds and home-states as we’ve learned
together from him. I’ve been granted new confidence to take on guitar-building.
I’m sure that I’ll build something that I can be proud of thanks to Kent’s intense attention to detail.

Thanks again!!!


Exceeded my expectations ... and my expectations were high.

March 2014
Tony, Tim, Jeff, Marty
and Jeff again.
Our hero with guitar.



May 2013
Stephen, Will, Christopher, Larry, and Scott

August 2012
Ingmar, Brad and Paul

Kent with your class we got the "why" behind the" how".
I could never gotten that without your experience. A thousand thanks!



may 2012 guitar building workshop

Richard, Mark, Gene, & Brillo
May 2012



april 2011 guitar building class
Eric, Don,
PJ (S. Africa), Moon (Korea)
April 2011

oct 2010 guitar building class

Geary, Allen, Scotty (Australia), & Craig
Oct 2010


I have not had this much fun since I was a kid playing in the sandbox!

fine art of guitar building

may 2010 guitar building class

Steve, Randy, William (with class guitar) ,
Dave, & Kent - May 2010


fine art of guitar building

Over the past 4 years I have taken 4 different guitar building classes.
(It is what I like to do for my vacation.) Kent, your class was the best ... By far!

fine art of guitar building

You were fun and had interesting stories ,... all with the intent of teaching us how to build a better guitar.
It was an honor. I went home with my head swimming in new ideas for my guitars.

fine art of guitar building

I thought the class was awesome! Just what I was hoping for.
Instruction on the "why" and the "artistic" and the "time savers".
I can't wait to get started on the next guitar.

march 2006 learning to build an acoustic guitar

Dennis, Jeff, and Will with our class guitar.
March 2006

october 2005 students learn how to build an acoustic guitar
Paul, Craig, and Dave
October 2005

aug 2005 guitar building class

Philip, John, Gary, Paul
August 2005

may 2004 guitar building class

Don , Robbie, Jason, Shawn
May 2004

Really really really worth the money. I got so much more out of this class than I could have imagined.

fine art of guitar building


The studying I have been doing the last 30+ years all came together watching you build the guitar...
I can now learn to build a decent guitar.

fine art of guitar building

This class was a great class !
It helped me keep from screwing up a few guitar kits trying to learn how it's done.



Thanks Carlos, you gave me the courage to realize a dream.

acoustic guitar building class

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