Body Sizes

////////////// /alienzo guitar body sizes///////////////////

body length
20 1/8"
19 3/8"
upper bout
11 3/4"
11 5/8"
lower bout
14 3/4"
15 5/8"
New 2014 - Petite - info below

"There are five distinct steps that I take during the building process
to bring out the voice of the particular instrument.
Every Everett has my unique construction design that utilizes the
Everett 'preloaded bracing' (1994 EGC inc.).
This gives the guitar a full, balanced, powerful voice.

What this means is there is a certain tonal standard that all Everetts have.
Below is simply a description of the three body sizes and their inherent tonal differences."

(classical body shape)
This is the Everett Parlor guitar. A body shpae taken from the Everett Concert Classical guitar.
With an even thin guitar side depth making it a very comfortable sitting on the couch guitar.
(The body depths at the end pin and neck are 3.75".)

(small body)
I'm always surprised when I first play a new L-model.
They are almost as even and punchy as a P-model but in a grand concert shape.
Offered with 2 scale length fingerboards: 24.75" for a shorter faster neck, and
25.5" for a louder OM sound and feel.
(The body depth at the end pin is 4.5" and at the neck is 3.5".)

(medium body)
This is a very even sounding guitar. It has a rich bass, midrange, and treble.
The guitarist is not limited by the instrument's tonal range.
It is a bit smaller than a dreadnaught and more comfortable to play both sitting and standing.
This is my most popular guitar.


New for 2014 - The Petite

The Petite body shape is a modified OO.
The body depth is an even 3.25" - neck to end block.
It has a 24.75" scale fingerboard and comes with a 12th or 14th fret body joint.

The Petite is a smaller guitar designed for comfort.
Not a parlor or travel guitar, this guitar has a full fingerboard,
full soundboard, and tonal voice.
A blast to play!
The bracing is voiced and compensated for the smaller dimensions giving you
a surprisingly big balance rich voice from a small comfortable box.

"When someone first plays the Petite, I enjoy watch the eyebrows move to the top of the head and
the mouth drop open slightly in surpirse. It sounds a lot larger than it is...."