2020 Everett
The Final 4
2021 delivery

Each includes :

Gold Gotoh 510 tuners with Charis buttons
14k gold side position markers
Custom Ameritage case

Bracing from Adirondack Spruce dated 1903
I actually have 2 tops of this wood too. Oh boy!)

Flame koa bindings and veneers on all 4
& soooo much more.

2021 marks my 45th year of building guitars. Whew!
What a wonderful ride this has been!
But enough is enough and these are the final 4.

I hope you will check back and enjoy watching these guitars take shape.

Please keep in mind these are "in process" photos.
The guitars have not been detailed or finished yet.


#1 of the 4
Spoken For

Everett Em body shape
Small Parlor guitar
23" scale fingerboard

Notice the design use of macassar ebony and koa wood in the:
step away, fingerboard end and soundport trim


14k gold side positiion markers
with small ablaone and turquoise dots


Brazilian Rosewood form the 1950s
from the same piece #500 - my personal guitar.


1903 spruce top
Flame koa rosette, bridge relief,
and mini arm bevel.


The Everett "step away"

Macassar and Koa port trim matchs stepaway design.


#2 of the 4
Spoken For


Everett C body shape (classical shape)
25" scale fingerboard
Figured Zircote with 25 year old Sitka Spruce.

the cool aysemtrical 3 step bridge design.

(Unique innovations to the very end.)

Also abalone side bar position markers trimmed in gold.


3 step bridge


Flame koa rosette, fignerboard end ,
mini armbevel,
and cutaway bevel

Figured Zircote




Flame Koa binding and lower soundport rosette. Matches fingerboard end mini bevel and cutaway bevel.



Figured Zircote fingerboard
and bound peghead






Size Comparison


#3 of 4

Select Mahogany quilt with European Spruce Top
Adirondack Spruce Top first milled in 1903.

Can be a C body shape (#3) or
L body shape (gran concert)

25" scale ebony fb
1.75 at nut & 2.25 bridge spacing
cutaway or non

Spoken For

construction begins 2021




#4 of 4

AAA Highly Figured Cherry
with first grade red cedar top

w/ Matching Flame Cherry Neck

Em body shape (small parlor), 23" scale fb,
and swoop away

Spoken For

construction begins 2021







I am doing an Alfred Hitchcock style cameo on each of these final four.

#1 of 4

#2 of 4

If interested in 1 of the remaining final 4
(before my loooong sabatical)
best to simply email for info.


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