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Everett Guitar #500

Building this guitar turnd into a fun little book called - Building Guitar Number 500.

Everett Guitar #600

7 fan bracing Longer than usual because of the placement of the soundhole. Painting of steps on a step Seagrove Beach Artist having one last look before top goes on. Jeannie and her second Valentino. European Spruce and Western Red cedar. Staggered Peghead puts more tension of the g. 2 toned swoop effect. Macasar Ebony - Low gloss French Polish. Swoop effect continues on teh fingerboard (and peghead) 3.25" body depth Woops!  Soundhole slid off the top. Arm bevel - a la Everett. 600 front 600 back lightbox gallery para dreamweaverby v6.0


These design exercises resulted in the
Bel Aire del Arte Model

Bel Aire Sailboats

Bel Aire Mountain Air





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