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The instructional DVDs are out of print.
But I do have a few remaining, that I am selling at a special price.

DVD Sale
Have a DVD player?
I have a few of the original instrucitonal DVDs at
~ half price and free shipping.

transitional arm bevel dvd

Sale Price

adjusting a steel string guitar with Kent Everett

Sale Price

voicing a steel string guitar with kent everett
Sale Price

All 3 = $58
Email for Info
48 states only
Sorry international shipping is super expensive.
It will cost a bit more to ship overseas.


Jet 16" Bandsaw

(That extra 2" makes a huge difference.)
~ 1/2 price from new ~

Locate 1 hour north of Atlanta near Canton, GA

Email for photos and more info.

2 Books


1) How to Make a Living Doing Something Crazy

how to make a living doing something crazy like building guitars by kent everett

Taken from Everett's popular 2007 Healdsburg Guitar Festival lecture.

"This little book should be read by millions of young people hoping to start out
in the world as artist of various kinds. "

Tim Olsen - Founding Editor - Guild of American Luthiers

Only $9.75
($491.25 less than a flight to California.)

2) The Qualities of Craftsmanship

the qualities of craftsmanship

I have just completed these 99 pages of rumination from behind the bandsaw.
This book started as a guide to help my students and grew into a philosophical
craftsmanship guide for improving your work.

I don't know if I can describe how much I enjoyed this book . I learned a ton. My approach to ,
well... all the work I do in the shop, has taken a new direction. You da' man!

"I have read it 3 times and each time I get something else out of it. Now I am quoting it...
Just fantastic. It is even a little funny. Thanks for taking the time to show us the inner
workings (your mind) of your guitar building. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"

I just read your book again today. You are such a good writer and teacher.
Every time I read it I pick up another nugget and it makes me a better craftsman.
You should make it an e-book.
Robbie OBrien

Yep - it's a deal!


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