everett handmade acoustic guitars

Everett # 618
Ready to come home with you.
everett handmade acoustic guitars

Petite - Sold

Bumble Bee Petite Cutaway

#618 Info Clip

custom everett guitar
Engleman Spruce with Select Indian Rosewood

5 piece neck, 2 way adjustable truss rod
5 piece neck with
2 way adjustable truss rod

bumble bee inlays
Bumble Bee Inlays
Zebra Wood Rosette, etc...
mother of pearl and abalone
Another Bumble Bee
Mother of Pearl and Abalone

detail of everett guitar

gotoh 510 cosmos black tuners
Gotoh 510 Cosmos Black Tuners

purple binding
The purple really stands out
in the photos.
In person it is more subtle.

guitar detail 1

guitar detail 2

guitar detail 3